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The War in Syria is Like Dancing on The Heads of Snakes

When you fight a complex war like this one in Syria, where nearly every player is an enemy of two or more forces in the conflict, a war with no common fronts, it becomes rather easy to appreciate why that conflict can be equated to Dancing on the heads of poisonous snakes…you simply don’t know where to put your feet as you dance to the tunes.

Source: The War in Syria is Like Dancing on The Heads of Snakes

Tantalizing Facts That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head Left and Right (Part 1)

Read and and enjoy them my friends.

Source: Tantalizing Facts That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head Left and Right (Part 1)

Tantalizing Facts That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head Left and Right (Part 2)

Amazing facts.

Source: Tantalizing Facts That Will Leave You Shaking Your Head Left and Right (Part 2)

Pope Francis Visits My Country Uganda and We Feel Deeply Blessed

He is the best of the best human Popes that reigned in the Vatican.

Source: Pope Francis Visits My Country Uganda and We Feel Deeply Blessed

Pope Paul (1464-1471): The Wicked Pope That Died in a Satanic Sexual Orgy at The Palace in 1471

This Man was so undeserving to be the Pope that I still Wonder how he got there.

Source: Pope Paul (1464-1471): The Wicked Pope That Died in a Satanic Sexual Orgy at The Palace in 1471

Election Politics in Uganda and Our Fears About 2016

2016 is coming and its coming very fast indeed. Many of us pray that it passes peacefully.

Source: Election Politics in Uganda and Our Fears About 2016

WHO and Partners Develop Psychological First Aid Guide for Relief Workers

WHO and Partners Develop Psychological First Aid Guide for Relief Workers.

The Extraordinary Case of a Jakarta Toddler Who Smokes Four Packs a Day

Bad habit

The Extraordinary news that an Indonesian toddler of about 2 years has become a tobacco addict is sending disbelief all over the world. I still find this totally shocking because, I am aware that smoking involves not just puffing smoke, but getting it right through the mouth down to the lungs before exhaling the smoke out through the nostrils. This could choke you to death if you are novice smoker. Where did an 18 month old toddler get this talent or skill? I never smoked at all, yet today in my ripe old age, I can hardly get smoke down to my lungs and puff them out without a respiratory mishap!

It is reported that this toddler of two years smokes up to four packs a day and still cries for more. In fact the media has hilarious put it that he goes into a tantrum if his mother fails to provide him with a stick of cigarettes. His mother has confessed that she was largely responsible for spoiling her child because she smoked heavily while she was pregnant with him and when he was finally born, she continued to smoke around him and his father is said to have been the one who gave the little boy the first butt of cigarettes. From this first cigarette, the toddler became such a phenomenal smoker that he could complete 4 packs of cigarettes a day. Latest reports indicate that he has reduced his intake rate to 1 pack a day, but this does not yet give any reasons for celebrations because Ardi Rizal should be taking more pints of milk instead of inhaling smoke loaded with nicotine even if it were just a half a stick a day.

Available statistics show that infantile addiction to smoking in Indonesia has steadily been on the rise since 2001. I still believe this is the greatest disgrace to parenthood the world has ever seen. It also borders some modicum of national shame because the law makers and the Child Protection Agencies of this beautiful country of Indonesia seem to be looking away from the real social catastrophe that is slowly eating up their society.

Indonesia may be the number 3 world super power in smoking, but I want to put a wish list to the powers that be in this country for consideration. My first wish is, let there be no smoking for toddlers. It is extraordinary, spectacular and stunning to see a toddler smoking side by side with his mother and father all at the same time and place. Only strict regulation can bring this vice under control and the case of the smoking 2 year old Ardi Rizal should give authorities some good grounds to act now.

Pastor John Hagee and His Prophesies on The Destruction of Israel, America and The World

He regards Obama as the worst thing that ever happened to America especially when allowed the construction of a Multi-million dollar Mosque near Ground Zero


If there is any American Pastor who has some strong views about America and how it will soon lose her undisputed super power status in a world that is constantly heading to the unstoppable thresholds of the Armageddon, then it is John Hagee.

He is a strong willed man with a strong conservative view about America and the end of our era. He believes America does not have a chance any more,to give unto Americans the American dream of unfettered freedom. He draws his analytical power from the Bible and when Pastor John Hagee is talking about the issues of the end of the American era, you don’t need to be a faint hearted part of his audience, otherwise you could give up on life as a whole and wait for the end times.

He quotes the book of Ezekiel quite often whenever he is talking and he links the end of our era to the attitude of certain world players against Israel. To this day, Pastor John Hagee believes, Iran will destroy the world because she is bent on destroying Israel. Remember, he links the destruction of the world to the destruction of Israel. To him, the marriage of convenience between Iran and Russia are all machinations to accomplish the prophetic Armageddon. Iran is wealthy with countless barrels of untapped oil, Russia wants this oil and has the best scientists to transfer technology to Iran in exchange for oil.

According to Pastor John Hagee, Russia is completely convinced, she will never recover her super power status in the world and feels strongly, that she has nothing to lose with the collapse of the America as a super power. It is therefore, Russia that is secretly urging Iran to enrich her nuclear capability while openly appearing to oppose that Iranian project. All the appearances of Iran to slow down her tones on building her nuclear capabilities lately in the wake of the threat of American led sanctions is, according to Pastor Hage, an effort to dub the world into believing she has given up on her nuclear ambitions but the truth is, she probably has several war-heads already, poised to strike at Israel.

He regards Obama as the worst thing that ever happened to America. He could not believe, that a true American would back the construction of a Multi-million dollar Mosque, a few meters away from ground Zero. In fact, like many hard-line conservatives, Pastor Hagee takes particular exception on the manner in which President Obama is running the country. He regards the health care reform that Obama is pursuing as some kind of socialist policy being imported to the free world by Obama and his cohorts. He believes, there has not been any time in history when Israel has been abandoned by America as we see happening today.

According to his latest book on the survival of America, Pastor Hagee believes Obama is playing into the hands of the enemies of Israel and therefore, bringing America onto the course of destruction. He still echoes the fear of 2012. 2012 according to Pastor John Hage is going to see one huge destruction around the world on a scale and manner that has never be seen. He actually mentions that one third of the earth will be destroyed in 2012 and the good Pastor believes, Iran, Russia and the foolish complacency of the current American Administration will largely be responsible for such a massive destruction to our planet. He doesn’t tell the world though, what will destroy the planet but believes, whatever it is, Iran and Russia will have a hand.

Pastor John Hagee is a political animal after all, and does not have any specs of shame to espouse his political opinion. He at times appears resigned to the fact that America is on an unstoppable downward fall, but he still thinks, in a desperate effort to hold onto the crumbling power base of America as a super power, there is need for Americans to rise up in the November Mid term election and vote out the Obama team of leaders altogether from running the affairs of America. I am waiting to see the prophesies of this great Pastor unfold, I hope I live to see all he has predicted come to pass.

In Karamaja, Rape courtship is an accepted social norm.

Karamojong Men

Uganda has over 52 distinct dialects with unique cultures that go with these ethnic groups. However, culture shocks are still a few surprises you find in our land and the Karamojong people’s way of life has never ceased to astound many Ugandans.

The Karamojong are the cousins of their neighbors the Iteso. They live in the North-Eastern region of Uganda called Karamoja. They are a Nilo-hamitic stock of people who settled in their present lands between the 15th and 16th Centuries. They are tall, strong and fierce looking men with a strong cattle culture. They love their cows more than their God. Their next most treasured possession is the gun and they can do anything to have one.. They live in sprawling villages made of little huts and barricaded up with wooden fences. At the center of the villages are common Kraals where the cows are kept overnight under tight security. In this part of the world, stealing cows is a mark of honor and those considered great men are those who have made many successful cattle raids and thefts.

They use the cows as a core value in every aspect of life. They marry using cows, they live on milk and blood from the cows, they use the hides as sleeping beds  and the horns as adornments It is in the Land of the Karamojong that women have no say in the affairs of the land. They are the beasts of burden in the home. They wake up early in the morning to go and collect firewood for cooking. Then they have to go and dig, weed, harvest and store the fruits of their labor. The work of building huts and storage granaries as well as fencing the entire village is in the hands of the women. The men wake up late and sleep all day long under the trees. Theirs is night duty to ensure that all the cows and the villagers are safe. They keep watch all night as the women sleep alone in their huts with their children. In meetings women are not allowed to sit near men. Theirs is to listen to resolutions of men and they dare not say no to any opinion.

In Karamoja, rape is a social legality. A young man sees a young girl he desires; he approaches her and makes known his desire for her. The next day they meet, be it at home  or along the road, the boy will have every right to chase the girl like a cock chases a hen until he gets to have carnal knowledge of her. No one is supposed to interfere with the two parties. This has to happen whether or not the girl likes it.  Once the rape is complete, then the girl is officially his and marriage arrangements are made. But every man who wants a girl must rape her and there is no negative outburst from the community about this. Marriage is an expensive venture-a girl considered traditionally married must have 100 cows given to her family as bride price. This is the main reason why cattle raid is a preoccupation for all Karamojong young men. Any man who does not  raid cows remains unmarried and this is why raiding is a treasured business. Men prefer to die in cattle raids than stay un married.

Generally speaking, the Karamojong communities still remain the most backward tribes of Uganda. Until recently, walking naked were fashionable, but lately young warriors tie colored bed sheets around them. They are tall and very friendly people as long as you have no ill intention against their cow, guns and grazing land!