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The Extraordinary Case of a Jakarta Toddler Who Smokes Four Packs a Day

Bad habit

The Extraordinary news that an Indonesian toddler of about 2 years has become a tobacco addict is sending disbelief all over the world. I still find this totally shocking because, I am aware that smoking involves not just puffing smoke, but getting it right through the mouth down to the lungs before exhaling the smoke out through the nostrils. This could choke you to death if you are novice smoker. Where did an 18 month old toddler get this talent or skill? I never smoked at all, yet today in my ripe old age, I can hardly get smoke down to my lungs and puff them out without a respiratory mishap!

It is reported that this toddler of two years smokes up to four packs a day and still cries for more. In fact the media has hilarious put it that he goes into a tantrum if his mother fails to provide him with a stick of cigarettes. His mother has confessed that she was largely responsible for spoiling her child because she smoked heavily while she was pregnant with him and when he was finally born, she continued to smoke around him and his father is said to have been the one who gave the little boy the first butt of cigarettes. From this first cigarette, the toddler became such a phenomenal smoker that he could complete 4 packs of cigarettes a day. Latest reports indicate that he has reduced his intake rate to 1 pack a day, but this does not yet give any reasons for celebrations because Ardi Rizal should be taking more pints of milk instead of inhaling smoke loaded with nicotine even if it were just a half a stick a day.

Available statistics show that infantile addiction to smoking in Indonesia has steadily been on the rise since 2001. I still believe this is the greatest disgrace to parenthood the world has ever seen. It also borders some modicum of national shame because the law makers and the Child Protection Agencies of this beautiful country of Indonesia seem to be looking away from the real social catastrophe that is slowly eating up their society.

Indonesia may be the number 3 world super power in smoking, but I want to put a wish list to the powers that be in this country for consideration. My first wish is, let there be no smoking for toddlers. It is extraordinary, spectacular and stunning to see a toddler smoking side by side with his mother and father all at the same time and place. Only strict regulation can bring this vice under control and the case of the smoking 2 year old Ardi Rizal should give authorities some good grounds to act now.